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Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass is made up of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them. The glass panes can be normal float, Tempered Glass or Heat Strengthened Glass.


Extremely high safety: Laminated Glass can resist the intrusion outside, because it is virtually impossible to cut through the thick PVB layer even if the glass gets broken, the splinters will stick to the interlayer and not scatter, avoid damage to the surrounding.

UV protection: The PVB interlayer can capacity of maximally restricting the UV rays transmitted through it.

Sound insulation: Excellent sound control an noise reduction performance PVB film can effectively.

- Facade and curtain wall     
- Doors and Windows
- Canopy                                  
- Skylights
- Balustrade, staircase         
- Escalator, Elvator
- Glass floors                        
- Bath Enclosures
- Automobile, Train, Ship           
- Funiture and Interios glazing

- Glass thickness: 3~19mm
- Thickness of PVB Interlayer: Clear, Opaque, Translucent, Green, Blue, Grey…
- Types of glass used combine: Clear, Tinted, Reflective coated, Low-E, Low-Iron, Tempered Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, Bent Tempered Glass.
- Maximum processing size: 2440mm * 5000mm
- Minimum processing size: 250mm * 300mm
- Ben Tempered Laminated Glass size depend on the radius.