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Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered Glass is made by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and then suddenly cooling down to form compression in the surface layer of the glass, thus the mechanical strength is increased.

Tempered safety glass is used in many applications because of its safety characteristics, in place used glass products in applications requiring increased strength, wind pressure resistance and reduced of injury in the event of breakage.



Safety: Tempered Glass is hard to break, but once it is broke then it will transform into small, separate and un-sharp fragment, therefore they become harmless. While ordinary glass is broken, it forms sharp knife like fragment, thus causing serious injury.

Strong intensity: Tempered Glass has a high strength activity the surface, four to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same type and thickness against impact.

Thermal stability:  Can withstand 200oC abrupt change of temperature.


Tempered Glass is a safety glass, extensively applied in the places which has critical request of high strength and safety, such as:

- Doors and Windows                  
- Facade and Curtain Wall
- Skylight                                        
- Overhead Glazing
- Balustrade, Staircase                 
- Escalator, Elevator         
- Glass floor                                   
- Pool Fencing Glass
- Shower enclosures                     
- Furniture and Interior Glazing
- In addition, Tempered glass is used in combination with Laminated safety glass and Insulating glass.

- Glass thickness: 4~19mm
- Maximum processing size: 2440mm * 6500mm
- Minimum processing size: 100mm * 250mm
- Type of glass: Clear, Tinted, Reflective coated, Low-E, Low-Iron…