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Insulating Glass

Insulating Glass consists of two or more glass panes separated by aluminum spacer filled with desiccant. The hollow space is filled with dry air and hermetically sealed with butyl and silicone sealant.


Heat prevention: Due to the characteristics of the air space will be prevented heat transmission between the inside and outside to minimize, so it can save lots of energy.

Noise prevention: Due to the characteristics of two or more layers of glass spaced a distance air space, so limiting the effects of noise transmission, ensures a quiet environment and comfortable.

Prevention of dew condensation: With respect to a normal sheet glass, when there is a big difference in temperature between inside an outside the room, immediately when the vapor condensation is occurred on the surface of higher temperature. But for Insulating Glass, the phenomenon of condensation on the Insulating Glass surface not happen because of the dry air layer between the two sheets glass, the difference in temperature between the two surfaces of glass will be harmonized at the low level.

Light weight: Under the same condition heat insulation, the replacement of partial brick wall or concrete with Insulating Glass can reduce load of building and simplify building structure.


Mainly used in doors and windows of luxurious building, train, ship, indoor partition and materials for industrial insulation against heat and noise

- Glass thickness: 3mm ~ 19mm
- Glass type: Clear, Tinted, Reflective coated, Low-E, Low-Iron, Tempered Glass, Heat Strengthened -- Glass, Bent Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass.
- Aluminum Spacer Width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm
- Spacer Fill: Dry Air, Argon
- Maximum processing size: 2440mm x 3600mm
- Minimum processing size: 250mm x 300mm
Type of Insulating Glass combination:

Laminated Insulating Glass
Insulating Laminated Glass
Double Laminated Insulating Glass
Bent Tempered Insulating Glass
Insulating Glass with Decorative Spacer Bar
Triple Insulating Glass