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Heat Strengthened Safety Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass (Semi Tempered) has the same production method as Tempered Glass but cooled at a slower speed.

Heat Strengthened Glass has much better properties in mechanical strength, wind pressure resistance, impact resistance and thermal shock resistance than Ordinary Glass.



Mechanical strength of Heat Strengthened Glass is as 1.5~2 times as annealed. If broken, breaks into large pieces from edge to edge and does not fracture into small fragments like Tempered Glass, allows the HS Glass to remain in the window frame. Therefore, Heat Strengthened Glass is often used in facades, special for Laminated Glass and Insulating Glass.

Heat Strengthened Glass also has high thermal strength like Tempered Glass and is resistant to thermal stress breakage.

Flatness is close to Annealed glass and much better than Tempered glass.

Especially suitable for compound Laminated glass and Insulated Glass.


- Facade and curtain wall            
- Window
- Especially suitable for compound Laminated safety glass and Insulated glass.

- Glass thickness: 3mm ~ 19mm
- Maximum processing size: 2440mm * 6500mm
- Minimum processing size: 100mm * 250mm
- Type of glass: Clear, Tinted, Reflective coated, Low-E, Low-Iron…