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Fabric Laminated Glass

Fabric Laminated Glass, also name silk Laminated Glass and Art Laminated Glass. It is a special kind of laminated glass. Compared with common Laminated glass, Fabric Laminated Glass has silk, cloth samdwiched in the EVA interlayers.

Characteristics of Fabric Laminated Glass

- Fabric Laminated Glass has all the features of Laminated Glass, such as safety, presure and sound insulation, energy-saving. Beside that, Fabric Laminated Glass has various visual effects and it is a good choice for decoration.
- Fabric Laminated Glass has the extensive selection of fabric, silk.


- Glass Partition
- Glass Stairs, Glaa Balustrades, Wall Panel
- Kitchen Glass, Glass Table Top
- Children’s room
- Application design and other furniture products


- Glass thickness: 3 ~ 19mm
- Thickness of EVA Interlayer: 0.38mm ~ 2.28mm
- Thickness of Fabric: Depends on fabric
- Type of glass use combine: Clear, Tinted
- The maximum size: 1650mm x 3050
- The minimum size: 250mm x 300